Days Celebrated around the World in Memory of something

27th January : It is celebrated internationally in the memory of Holocaust victims.
14th February :  It is celebrated as the "Valentine's Day", a symbol of love for the loved ones. 8th March : It is celebrated as the Women's Day internationally. It was first celebrated in 1909 in New York. 
1st April : It is called the "April Fools Day" 22nd April : It is celebrated as the Earth Day around the globe in support of environmental conservation of our planet. It's celebration started in 1970 and is now celebrated in more than 193 countries

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Payoneer is a payments processing company that offers you two ways for receiving payments: A Payoneer Email IDA Virtual Bank Account Number You can use the above two Payoneer products for receiving payments in many parts of the world. But the restriction is that you can receive payments only from Companies and NOT from Individuals unless you and the individual who is sending you the payment are both Payoneer users and have received a mass-payout through Payoneer from any of the mass-payout companies (like for example Google, Freelancer, Clixsense and Paypal etc.). This second option for receiving payments can be done through the Payoneer Email ID.

However, the primary way of receiving payments through Payoneer is via its Global Payment Service which offers its users a virtual local bank account in the United States, Germany, Britain, China and Japan. This Global Payment Service can be used for receiving payments from Companies only. 

Get Paypal payments in Pakistan using Payoneer

Paypal is world renowned online payments processing company which is supported by most of the businesses, charity organizations and advertisers worldwide for making / receiving payments. It is now-a-days one of the most convenient and secure options for payments processing, as it is an online and one-click payment method accepted by merchants worldwide and comes with many exciting offers from time to time, which makes it preferable in comparison to other mediums of payment including Internet Banking.

For example, recently Paypal offered it customers to activate the pay after delivery option for stressless shopping, which of course is a very attractive offer. If you are looking out for getting Paypal approval, please read further here.

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Freedom of Speech or Expression should have its limitations

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Upload your videos at Youtube and make money through Google AdSense

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Free Online Courses and Certification Programs

Education is the basic human right recognized by all the democratic nations. It is specially in the light of the basic right of education that child labor has been declared a crime, simply for the reason that the children below the age of 14 years (in most countries) should only be sent to school for education apart from being given all rights and freedom to enjoy their childhood instead of being used for other purposes which disturb them socially, mentally, physically or morally. 
In many countries basic or primary education has been declared to be provided free of cost at government run schools while in some of the developed countries there are even higher levels of education offered completely free of cost. Whereas, education is available free in some of the developing and the developed countries, it is a big financial burden for the residents of the other countries, thereby restricting those potential students from their basic right of education who cannot afford to pay such huge s…