Freedom of Speech or Expression should have its limitations

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Education is the basic human right recognized by all the democratic nations. It is specially in the light of the basic right of education that child labor has been declared a crime, simply for the reason that the children below the age of 14 years (in most countries) should only be sent to school for education apart from being given all rights and freedom to enjoy their childhood instead of being used for other purposes which disturb them socially, mentally, physically or morally. 
In many countries basic or primary education has been declared to be provided free of cost at government run schools while in some of the developed countries there are even higher levels of education offered completely free of cost. Whereas, education is available free in some of the developing and the developed countries, it is a big financial burden for the residents of the other countries, thereby restricting those potential students from their basic right of education who cannot afford to pay such huge s…