Friday, 31 July 2015

Five things you should do daily to live a healthy and happy life

How happy is a person born with beautiful physique and healthy bones! But, healthy lifestyle is the basis of a happy life regardless of whether you are born healthy or weak. Therefore, constant human efforts are needed to keep this happiness persistent and healthy looks maintained. Healthy figure not only helps you feel good about yourself but also lowers the rate of depression which is a big issue in today's fast and competitive world.
Balanced lifestyle beautifies you in skin, covers-up your dark circles, provides you with lots of energy to carry out daily tasks and improves your psychology, thus adding success to your life-meter. No doubt, a dark patchy skin, bad health profile and feeling of low energy are the main reasons at times that make you step back in your motivated life. Given below are five daily routine things you should do to live a healthy and happy life.
healthy living
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Saturday, 25 July 2015

New design could lower the cost of solar panels

The solar power market is expected to exceed US$180 billion by 2021 according to this year’s report by ResearchMoz, with China playing a key role in the growth due to its massive investment in the sector. There is no doubt that this endlessly available source of energy is highly useful, with the world now looking for better options to harmful coal power generation. Reducing the cost of solar power is detrimental to this endeavor, and new technology plays a huge role towards this. The cost of production of solar power on a large scale remains high with the benefits for integration into the grid falling short of its benefits. In fact, although new technologies such as Photovoltaic systems have played an important role in reducing costs, further innovations are needed to reduce it further.     

Researchers have found a new way of arranging ingredients in a polymer solar cell, which could help to lower the cost of solar panels. A team of scientists from University of California has discovered that the new design can be achieved by rearranging polymer strands (acting as charge donors in the solar cell) and carbon molecules (acting as charge receptors) in a manner resembling plant cell components that trap sunlight energy and separate positive and negative charges. Polymer solar cells are one type of photovoltaic technologies but differ from the traditional solar cells in the way power is generated. They carry advantages such as ;
  • lower weight, 
  • easy to fabricate via the roll-to-roll technologies, 
  • recyclability, 
  • and utilization of environmentally friendly materials. 
Their penetration has been lower compared to the silicon-based types due to their power conversion efficiency.    
Plastic solar cell

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Tesla's Powerwall battery to power your energy needs cheaper and more efficiently

Tesla Motors | Powerwall Battery

The world is expecting the revenue in energy storage industry to reach $19bn by 2017 according to research released by IHS CERA. Earlier this year in April, Tesla announced the release of a battery that is set to cut down the cost of power in homes by providing 7kWh of daily cycle power. The 1.3m by 68cm Powerwall can be hung inside a garage or on the outside of a wall at home. The company also said it would provide businesses with a 10kWh backup model that can replace backup generators.
tesla powerwall batteryThat did not come well for a good number of people, with some arguing that the Powerwall was simply a "toy for the rich" and could not deliver the said benefits. So it was reasonable that Tesla CEO Elon Musk could address a number of criticisms. He said the company will, in response, double the power output on the home battery system to allow usage on every device at home except air conditioners. The daily cycler, which costs about $3,000—$3,500, according to him, will be of limited use in the United States and it is best for complete off-grid applications. It turns out that it would be fit for people who care about use of renewable energy more than the economics of it in the United States. In fact, in places like Canada, the cost of power is as low as $0.06 per kWh and most cities in the United States can afford a cost of about $0.15 per kWh for grid power. In comparison, solar power energy cost comes at about $0.2 per kWh and more expensive when you consider the cost of peripherals. This does not mean it does not make economic sense in other regions.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Miracles of Holy Quran - the Book of Islam

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  • It is a book revealed upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from God Almighty Allah through His angel Jibraeel (A.S.), there have been only three other revealed books in the universe history namely Tauraat, Zaboor and Injeel. No other book is a revealed word of the God, all of them are written by humans.
  • Being the word of God Almighty Allah, its text is such which addresses mankind (issues) of all time and space. It never becomes outdated and neither needs any revision. All other (non-revealed) books are best productive only when they are continually revised and updated.
  • Although the belief that ever since its revelation, its text has never changed nor will it ever change is a basic element of the Islamic faith; it is an open reality that despite the passage of more than 1400 years, its original text still remains preserved. On the contrary, the text of even other revealed books has changed with the passage of time due to human alterations. And it was never promised by Allah that these revealed books would remain unaltered forever in their original form, whereas in the case of Quran, Allah Himself has promised to preserve its originality.
  • It is the only book which can be and is memorized word by word the world over (by the Muslims). There is no other book which could be memorized perfectly word by word. And there is no use to any such memorization either when it is known that their text wouldn't remain valid for a longer time (set aside for ever).
  • Although there is no doubt in the truthfulness of its text, yet non-muslims need physical and logical evidence to believe its predictions and accuracy. Turning over the leaves of history in around 614 CE during the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), one can know the prediction of Holy Quran 10 years before the victory of Romans against the Persians, which proved to be true.

Download Quran with Translation in Urdu or English

The different periods in the development of the Islamic Legal System

Islamic LawThe Islamic Legal System which is a composition of commandments and principles for deriving those commandments commenced from the early period of Prophet-hood of Muhamm
ad (Peace Be Upon Him). The collection of commandments in Islam is known as Fiqah while the principles that can be used or applied to derive them are known as Usul-ul-Fiqah. Both these are Arabic terms, the prior of which can be regarded as a collection of laws while the latter can be regarded as Jurisprudence.
The development of Islamic Legal System can be briefly classified into the following four distinct periods;

  • The period from the very birth of Islam till demise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in 10 A.H.
  • The period of the four rightly-guided caliphs from 11 A.H. till 40 A.H.
  • The period of the Imams from 41 A.H. till nearly the end of the 3rd century Hijra.
  • The period after the demise of the last of the four Imams till the present day world.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Read or Download the Holy Quran with Urdu Translation

Read or Download Al-Quran with Urdu Translation here.

The Holy Quran is not only a guiding principle of Islam, but it is truly a Book of Miracles too. It is a dynamic text that never needs revision, nor has ever it changed / altered and is the only book which can be memorized and read time and again with ever developing devotion.

Al-Quran, Sura Al-Faateha : English Translation

Translation of Quran by Shaykh Mufti Taqi Usmani

1. Sura Al-Faateha - The Opening

With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.

Praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.

the All-Merciful, the Very Merciful.

the Master of the Day of Requital.

You alone do we worship, and from You alone do we seek help.

Take us on the straight path.

the path of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not of those who have incurred Your wrath, nor of those who have gone astray