Get a Virtual Bank Account through Payoneer and Receive Payments from World-wide Companies

Payoneer is a payments processing company that offers you two ways for receiving payments:
  • A Payoneer Email ID
  • A Virtual Bank Account Number
You can use the above two Payoneer products for receiving payments in many parts of the world. But the restriction is that you can receive payments only from Companies and NOT from Individuals unless you and the individual who is sending you the payment are both Payoneer users and have received a mass-payout through Payoneer from any of the mass-payout companies (like for example Google, Freelancer, Clixsense and Paypal etc.). This second option for receiving payments can be done through the Payoneer Email ID.

However, the primary way of receiving payments through Payoneer is via its Global Payment Service which offers its users a virtual local bank account in the United States, Germany, Britain, China and Japan. This Global Payment Service can be used for receiving payments from Companies only. 
payoneer mastercard

Upon signing up for Payoneer, a MasterCard (ATM / Debit card) is shipped to your address, which you have to activate upon receiving through entering the desired code. During the signup phase, pay special attention to the Mailing / billing address your are entering; as this is where your Payoneer card would be shipped to. After signup, verify your identity by uploading scanned copies of any National Identity Document like Drivers License or the National ID Card.

After activation, and once you receive a payment from any of the mass-payout companies you work with (as stated above); you can use this Payoneer MasterCard to withdraw cash anywhere in the world including Pakistan through ATM and also use it for Shopping online.

And here is a Plus Point for people who are limited by the companies / businesses they work with to receive payments via Paypal only; and at the same time they are located in a Paypal unsupported countries. Such people can receive payments in their Paypal account and then transfer them to their Payoneer account to use them as desired (withdraw cash, make payments to other Payoneer users or do shopping online).

Using this procedure, you can get a verified Paypal account while being in Pakistan. Please note that Payments usually take 3-4 days to transfer from Paypal account to Payoneer after which you can easily withdraw money in Pakistan using the Payoneer MasterCard.


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